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Auger TeethLooking for exceptional quality auger teeth? That’s what Jiffy Dallas is famous for. Their Made in the USA auger teeth are manufactured from high quality steel- and they last forever. Jiffy Dallas ships them out fast so you’ll have them in your hands before you know it.

Take a closer look at the Auger Teeth in the Jiffy Dallas inventory:

– 101 Series Auger Teeth. These are the premier teeth used by the drilling industry and have been heat-treated to provide exceptional performance in all conditions. Sometimes referred to as 60 series teeth, the 101 Series is the most common type.

– 101C Digger, a single side carbide-tipped 101 digger auger tooth, weighing 1.14, 4 1/4 inches long, width 2 9/16

– 101CDBL, a double-sided digger auger tooth with double-sided carbide edges. This tooth is able to flip over and run each edge and is the enhanced version of the 101 Series from Jiffy Dallas.

– 104 Series trencher teeth are longer and narrower than the 101 Series teeth and are the industry’s go-to for wheeled trenching and ditching machines. Compare with the 101 Series, these auger teeth are 4 3/4 long and 2 5/8 wide.

– 111C, a single sided carbide edge auger tooth crafted with an offset. This wider version of the 101 Series tooth has a carbide tip for superior penetration and longer life. Its cutting edge measures 3 1/2 inches wide.

– 12C, a serious duty carbide rock auger tooth that is designed for angering heavy duty rock that requires extreme force.

– 1656 heat-treated rock teeth have 4 conical carbide tips for exceptional performance in the field. The 1656 is used in fractured and non-fractured materials, such as frozen oils and abrasives. The 1656 will fit the Terex Reedrill TX series shank plates and Pengo MD boring heads and quick change auger systems.

– 150 auger teeth have double edges and a reversible design so they are able to be used in 2 ways. Can be used with OEM and Parson trenchers.

– 201C, specialty taper-fit tungsten carbide auger teeth with 2 3/8 inch cutting edge. The 201C offers superior quality for up to 10 times longer life. The 201C is perfect for hard, abrasive conditions, as well as sand, clay, soft rock formations and more. This is the first choice in the drilling industry.

– And many others as well

Jiffy Dallas’ auger teeth are unlike any other product on the market. Aside from the incredible quality of every produce in the inventory, it’s the selection that keeps customers coming back time after time. At Jiffy Dallas, you’ll find what you’re looking for, from the 101 Series to those special excavation auger teeth you’ve been searching for- many with carbide coating for long life and maximum effectiveness for everyday tough conditions.

Take a closer look at the impressive inventory of auger teeth at to find the product you need quickly and easily. Place an order and your auger teeth will arrive just as quickly at your door. For specialized service, please call 877-838-0102.

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