curved stairlift installation

For a lot of people, climbing stairs is a struggle – a challenge that can turn to worry, that may lead to a lack of independence and freedom.

But moving does not have to be the solution. Over eighty % of men and women would prefer to age in their own homes – including a stairlift, can help make that the reality.

At it is most basic level, a stairlift is a motorized chair that travels along a rail mounted to the stair’s treads. The staircase need to be no less than thirty inches wide with a landing area of two feet.

Determining what type of stairlift is going to work in your home is simple. There are just 2 types: straight and curved.

A straight stairlift is fitted for a single, straight flight of stairs with absolutely no landings or turns. Straight stairlifts are stock items that require little to no customization.

A curved stairlift, is necessary for stairs which feature a turn, curve or intermediate landing. A uniquely made rail is built to follow the actual direction and transforming angle of the stairs.

Does it be more expensive for an entire flight of stairs than for only a half flight?

Most straight stair lifts are offered including a regular length of rail that accommodates an average full flight of stairs (e.g., 14 feet). Extra rail is purchased for longer flights of stairs, and some sellers might come with a little discount for very short runs of stairs, based on the unit.

I have a flight of stairs with a landing, then another set of stairs. Can I put in two straight lifts?

Although some folks do install 2 straight lifts just for this situation, it means that you’ve to transfer from a single seat to the next, which is cumbersome wear and increases the chance of falling. It may be somewhat cheaper to buy 2 straight stair lifts, but a curved stair lift is normally the better choice for this particular kind of staircase.

I live in an old home with narrow stairs – will I install a stair lift?

Measure yourself to ensure that there’s ample space for the knees of yours when seated.

Some stair lifts or lift chairs are usually more compact than others. For example, the Savaria K2 stair lift measures a bit less than eleven inches when folded. if your stairs are 30′ wide, you need to be fine, although you have to allow space for the knees of yours when seated so if you are tall, you are going to want to measure yourself in a regular dining chair, or better yet, try the product in a showroom to discover just how much room you need when seated.

I’m in wheelchair – will I use a straight stair lift?

In lots of cases, a stair lift isn’t the right pick if you are a wheelchair user, and also you may need to give some thought to a wheelchair lift or certain platform lifts. But if you can carry over to and also from the stair lift easily, you may be in a position to use it. In case you use a wheelchair, your healthcare professional (such as an occupational therapist) is able to offer you with the most beneficial answer about your capability to utilize a stair lift.

A curved stair lift can be utilized for a lot of different kinds of stairs including:

– Stairs with an intermediate landing;

– Stairs that change direction in any way;

– Stairs that curve, and feature any pie-shaped stairs;

– Spiral staircases; – Multiple levels of stairs (e.g., from the basement to the 2nd floor);

– Straight stairs whenever you wish to “park” the stair lift out the way; not to mention – Straight stairs when you want to stop the chair several feet from the top (called an overrun).

process and Measurement Although several folks are very good at geometry and measurement, curved stair lifts call for exceptional measurement strategies to produce the ideal fit for a required weight capacity. The best businesses typically use a photographic measurement system. Photos of your stairs are taken incorporating little paper or perhaps plastic targets placed on your stairs. Pictures of the stairs as well as the bottom and top landings are sent over online to the maker together with other measurement information. The company has the ability to create a computer design around the traveling rail needed for your home based upon this info.


Curved stair lifts require little to no construction so they can be fitted quickly. One or even 2 individuals are required depending on the dimensions of your installation, which might have a number of hours to a total day, or perhaps a lot more in case your installation is more on than a single level.

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