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Freedom at home can be jeopardized by the difficulty of getting up and down the stairs every day. Without a stairlift, your mobility and availability in your home can be limited. We have provided a variety of straight and curved stairlifts in order to satisfy your demands and improve your mobility inside your house. The simplicity of a stairlift, whether curved or straight, may make a huge difference for your home.
Our sturdy and dependable stairlifts are comfortable and equipped with all security requirements you’d expect from a mobility product. Our staff also provides outdoor stairlifts so that your access is never restricted when you are ready to spend some time on your lovely backyard. Why limit yourself at home due to stairs? Stairlifts would be the solution you have been anticipating.

Stair lifts

Indoor stairlifts are connected to a typical electrical receptacle for constant battery charging, therefore always being prepared in the event of a power outage. The track is connected to the stair tread.
The footplate, armrests, and seat all conveniently fold out of the way for others utilizing the stairs without the assistance of the lift. The chair swivels on peak of the staircase promoting safe transfers on and off the lift. Our featured brands include Acorn, Bruno, and Harmar.
We repair Bruno, Acorn, Brooks by Acorn stairlifts even if they were not purchased from us. We can be in your home, usually within 24-48 hours of calling us.
For new installations, once we measure, we can install a stairlift over 24-48 hours. The installation takes less than 2 hours.

Types of Stair lifts

Straight Rail Stair lifts

When you want increased freedom in your house, you want Your Home Mobility Specialists. Especially, our right rail stairlifts can help. Your staircase shouldn’t be a source of terror take a look at what our right railing stairlifts include.

Curved Rail Stair lifts

Your curved stairs is no match for our curved rail stairlifts! We can fit your stairwell with the curved rail stairlift you require, in order to make accessing different levels of your house simpler.

Outdoor Stair lifts

Our outside stair lifts are exactly what you need to access your lawn and other parts of your property. Together with our outdoor stair lifts from Bruno, it is possible to anticipate a weatherproof cover to make exterior access easier than ever.

Platform Lifts

Chair lifts are better today than what we used to secure sooner. They are less noisy and entail no possibility of malfunctioning. A little joystick can be used to run them.
Stair lifts also utilize a rechargeable battery and also have to be recharged when not using. This battery helps if there’s no power and helps to ensure that the lift does not stop in the middle. They also ought to get parked correctly in their place, or else there will be a sign letting you know that you have parked it incorrectly.

Why Choose A Stairlift: The Perfect Solution

If the job of negotiating stairs difficulties you or a loved one, a Stairlift might be the best answer. A number of our Stairlifts may be purchased or rented, and installation can be reached rapidly.
In fact, we have hundreds of stairlifts in stock for quick shipping!
Battery-powered and sleek in design, stairlifts can be your high-profile answer to optimizing the use of all levels of your home.


As of 2019, Medicare Advantage (MA) plans may provide supplemental healthcare benefits along with the already available additional benefits, including vision, dental, and hearing loss. Previous to the new judgment, items and services that were primary intended for”daily care” were not allowable benefits. Nevertheless, while CMS does not clearly define the term”healthcare benefits”, items and / or services must be medically necessary for the senior in question and advised by a qualified healthcare professional. A product that assists with a practical need due to an injury or health problem, or reduces probable need for emergency maintenance, may fit the bill for an allowable supplemental healthcare benefit. These supplementary benefits, which might be tailored to the particular needs of the chronically ill MA recipient, do not necessarily need to be health related, only that they provide”a reasonable expectation of improving or maintaining the health or general function” of that individual. Therefore, it is our interpretation that some 2019 Medicare Advantage plans will pay for stair lifts, and that more MA plans will pay for stair lifts in 2020. More clarity will be gained as the new MA plans roll out.


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